How Compassion Focused Therapy Helps to Ease Pain

When you make the appointment to see your provider – you have high expectations. You may hope for clarity, guidance, help, comfort, and results. Within the realm of pain management, finding quality, compassionate care is crucial to feeling relief.

At the Practice of Sandra Dinwiddie, NP, compassion-focused pain management solutions are offered to our patients. You may be asking – how does compassion help my pain management? Here are a few ways that the Practice of Sandra Dinwiddie, NP, is different from other clinics:

• Compassion is in our mission and our focus every day

Our mission statement at the Practice of Sandra Dinwiddie, NP, is this:

“Our experienced professionals are compassionate caregivers who place your medical needs first. We are proud to be committed to your health and wellness while offering the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to provide total body pain management services to meet your objectives.”

• You are not alone with us.

As a patient-centric clinic, your needs are our #1 priority. All staff members do their best to make your experiences with us positive, effective, and transparent. Check out our Google reviews to read about some of our patient’s experiences with us:–9thv3UYjjtPW6CvBmGXg1evLSKkvOkkE1L7xKT2CAQAuYlQx67XNx2xu3wG5ij0tYHMOYvogYA0v5B083GsM&q=practice+of+sandra+dinwiddie+np&oq=practice+of+sand&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j46i175i199i457j69i59j35i39j0i22i30l2j69i60j69i61.5882j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x872b3969fa9f8d65:0x3bf484f4714563e7,1,,,

• Positivity is a must.

Research shows that incorporating healthcare into a positive atmosphere promotes higher levels of healing and satisfaction with patient care. Our staff at The Practice of Sandra Dinwiddie, NP, brings positive vibes into the clinic (and virtually) every day! John Hopkins Medicine Wellness and Prevention blog posted this about the benefits of positivity, inside and outside of the medical office:

• Healing takes time.

Compassion-focused therapy helps to ease pain and the providers at the Practice of Sandra Dinwiddie, NP, take the time to pay attention to how we can maximize your pain relief and recovery. Every step of the way, we’re here with patience and positivity to make your pain management experience compassion-focused.

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